Grant Challenge Fund

Announcing round two winners: Let’s Make it Possible Challenge Fund

Date: 12 Apr, 2017  No Comments  Tony Hunt

Let’s Make it Possible is a not-for-profit entity founded, organised and managed by Palladium to provide direct financial support to innovative Positive Impact projects across the globe. The initiative delivers grants through three different windows: the Grant Challenge Fund, Our Communities Fund, and the Humanitarian Relief Fund. The second round winners of the Grant Challenge

One year on: Let’s Make it Possible Innovation Challenge Winner Springfields

Date: 12 Apr, 2017  No Comments  Tony Hunt

Since receiving a Let’s Make it Possible grant from Palladium, Springfields has been working to enhance factory workers’ rights through a mobile grievance system. Palladium’s Alexandra Britton and David Shirley reflect on the results Springfields has achieved, one year on.   Enhancing Factory Workers’ Rights through a Mobile Grievance System Monitoring supply chains and ensuring

Promoting Innovation and Iteration: Let’s Make It Possible and Tulalens

Date: 04 Oct, 2016  No Comments  Tony Hunt

Tulalens, an early- stage social enterprise, was struggling to stay afloat and achieve its original mission of transforming under-served women from passive recipients to knowledgeable consumers. The organization was founded in October 2014 with the goal of crowdsourcing information on the quality of health clinics for pregnant women living in urban slums across India. Between

Tulalens and Springfields

Date: 10 Mar, 2016  No Comments  Tony Hunt

Let’s Make It Possible held a grant competition in August 2015 that asked people “What’s your vision for positive impact?” After reviewing over 50 submissions from around the world, Springfields and Tulalens were selected as winners through a crowdfunding competition. In order to make their visions a reality, the winners received the funds they raised