Tulalens and Springfields

Date: 10 Mar, 2016  No Comments

Let’s Make It Possible held a grant competition in August 2015 that asked people “What’s your vision for positive impact?” After reviewing over 50 submissions from around the world, Springfields and Tulalens were selected as winners through a crowdfunding competition. In order to make their visions a reality, the winners received the funds they raised through our platform as well as an additional $25,000 from Palladium.

Tulalens is a social enterprise with a vision to transform under-served communities from passive recipients of critical services to knowledgeable consumers. Tulalens currently crowdsources information on the quality of health services to women living in urban slums in India. With the funding from Palladium, Tulalens has been able to partner with DataKind to complete a prototype of analytic scripts. With Palladium’s assistance, they have now hired three full-time staff members in Chennai, India to oversee the work being done and to explore how to add the most value to their customers. Funding has also enabled Tulalens to surpass their goal and test marketing approaches on 300 pregnant women in three urban slum areas. They are in the process of analysing this data and now conducting an impact survey.

Springfields is working to develop a universally adaptable mobile grievance application for factory workers to connect directly with brands who are buying goods from their factories. With funding from Palladium, Springfields has been able to complete the design, algorithms, and user interface for the application development. Moreover, they have commenced many of the of the non-technical project aspects such as developing stakeholder maps, pricing models, and branding strategy.  At the moment, Springfields is on track to release an “Alpha” version of the application in early 2016.