Let’s Make it Possible is a not-for-profit entity founded, organized and managed by Palladium to provide direct financial support to innovative positive impact initiatives across the globe. Palladium encourages employees, colleagues, entrepreneurs, partners, affiliates and non-profits to apply for support and consideration.

Let’s Make It Possible delivers grants through three different windows:

To underscore the importance of this corporate social responsibility platform and initiative, Palladium has committed annually to contribute 1.5% of Palladium Profit Before Tax to Let’s Make it Possible of which at least 95% will be spent directly on activities.

Board Members

Indira Ahluwalia
-Board Member

Christopher Hirst
-Board Member

Kim Bredhauer
-Board Member

Grant Selection Commitee

Clare North

Anthony Carrigan

Defrim Dedej

Barbora Stankovicova

Matt Everitt

Becca Licht