Humanitarian Relief Fund

Humanitarian Relief Fund

Open to Palladium personnel only.

In a world where crises and societal upheaval have sadly become the norm, Palladium reinforces the commitments of our legacy companies of donating to humanitarian relief efforts and responding to crises as they occur. Accordingly, 10% of the foundation’s annual budget will be reserved for a Humanitarian Relief Fund, which responds to disasters in countries where Palladium is present. Examples of Palladium’s humanitarian assistance in 2015 included support after the cyclone in Vanuatu and the earthquake in Nepal.

Requests for grants from the Let’s Make It Possible Humanitarian Relief Fund will be accepted on a rolling basis.


Below are examples of our relief work:

Between August and September 2018, Indonesia was hit with a series of five earthquakes, including a 6.4 magnitude earthquake off Lombok Island and over 700 aftershocks. Palladium staff in Lombok were affected by the destruction. We provided a 35,000 AUD to The Autore Group: An Australian Jeweller and Pearl company with operations in Lombok. They were inspired to act after the Lombok earthquakes struck and used their logistics networks to assist with distribution of emergency supplies, particularly to remote villages, assist with rapid clean up, and build temporary shelters.

The Palladium Let’s Make It Possible Initiative donated $45,000 excluding staff time to provide much- needed relief to 200 village households. Distributed immediate materials including essential shelter construction supplies, tarpaulins, mats, salt, soap, oil, and lentils to four villages in three districts, Kavre, Sindhpalchok, and Okhaldhunga. Also assisted with the renovation of schools and building of temporary houses for those who needed immediate aid. Palladium Urban Governance Team supported the design with local partners for a safe affordable housing project.

Let’s Make It Possible donated $30,000 to CARE Australia for its Pakistan-India Earthquake relief efforts. Around five million people were affected by the massive earthquake, which occurred on 8 October 2005. More than 87,000 people died, and more than 3 million were left without homes. PALLADIUM’s donation will assist CARE in delivering essential supplies, including winterized tents, plastic sheets, blankets, shawls, metal buckets, water storage tanks, woollen jackets and hygeine kits. Following the emergency relief effort, it will also help CARE continue its poverty-fighting work in Pakistan and India.

The PALLADIUM Let’s Make It Possible Initiative donated $30,000 to CARE Australia for its tsunami relief efforts in Southern Asia. CARE Australia helped to provide essential items and services to victims of the Boxing Day earthquake and resulting tsunamis that caused death and devastation across the region. PALLADIUM’s donation will assist CARE’s long term projects aimed at rebuilding affected areas, as well as its immediate relief efforts.

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