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Join Us

At Palladium, we believe that we live in a world where anything is possible, where the smallest ideas can achieve the greatest impact.

Let’s Make it Possible is seeking to work with external partners to attract additional funding and technical expertise. By working with other like-minded organisations operating in Palladium’s sectors of expertise, LMIP will be able to deliver positive impact solutions at a greater scale.

Partnering with Let’s Make it Possible means:

  • Helping communities fund initiatives they have identified themselves
  • Building the fund to respond to more ideas to create greater impact
  • Utilising Palladium’s global footprint and expertise in International Development and positive impact
  • Choosing from a range of sectors to invest in including
    • Education and TVET
    • Health
    • Economic development
    • Environment
    • Governance



Manager, Let’s Make it Possible Initiative

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