Grants Challenge Fund

Grants Challenge Fund

Let’s Make It Possible will solicit and assess specific activities through a challenge fund model, with particular emphasis on proposals that aim to test or demonstrate innovation. The funds could be used for activities such as:

  • Piloting new technologies and innovative approaches
  • De- risking start- up ventures
  • Buying outcomes from innovative financial mechanisms like development impact bonds
  • Supporting the convening of innovation challenges, e.g. hackathons.

Let’s Make It Possible will fund specific initiatives according to a programmed cycle centered on an annual theme. The current theme is the Impact Economy which is described here. Let’s Make it Possible will commit approximately 70% of the annual budget to worthy applications seeking to bring impact economy programs to fruition.

Applications now closed. Next funding 2017.

Contact James Montgomerie for updates.

Past Winners

Information crowd sourcing on quality of healthcare services in Indian slums.

Tulalens is a social enterprise with a vision to transform under-served communities from passive recipients ...

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Universally adaptable mobile grievance application

Springfields is working to develop a universally adaptable mobile grievance application for factory workers to ...

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